There are various forms of pest beetle that may be damaging to your property. The Pest Master provides effective and affordable control with all pest Beetles including: Carpet Beetles and Woolly Bears, Biscuit Beetles, Tobacco/Cigarette Beetles, Ground Beetles and many more.

One of the most common beetles that we deal with are Carpet Beetles. The most common carpet beetle in the UK is the Varied Carpet Beetle. An adult carpet beetle ranges in size between 1.7 mm and 3.5 mm. It is small and oval and looks a lot like a brown, grey and cream ladybird. Adult carpet beetles lay their eggs in fabrics, old bird nests and general household fluff built up in draws, wardrobes, corners of rooms and airing cupboards. When the larvae hatch (commonly known as woolly bears), they eat the discarded bird feathers, fabrics and fluff before setting off around your home to find fresh food sources. This is when they do the most amount of damage to your home.

Flour beetles are another common pest in which we deal with, they may be found throughout the country. The two most common types are the Confused flour beetle, which can be found in bakeries and flour mills, and often imported the Rust-red flour beetle, often present within your home. Both are pests infesting cereal products, this includes grain, flour porridge oats and rice.

Cigarette Beetles, one of the most common household insect pests in the UK. Can be found during most of the year, however it is more common in the autumn and winter months. This beetle will generally be found in a well-stocked food pantry, this way they can lay their eggs directly onto a food source, this then guarantees that the larvae will have a good meal as soon as they hatch. They are strong fliers and the cigarette beetle can often be found in areas of subdued sunlight or where temperatures exceed 18°C.

What damage can Beetles do?

Beetles can at times be a public health and business risk. If action is not taken swiftly and correctly, they can cause a wealth of damage to buildings, fittings, furnishings, food products and could also transmit diseases.

How do I get rid of Beetles?

Many of these pest beetles can be extremely difficult to control and, in most cases, require a professional grade product and fully qualified pest control technician to be able to ensure an effective and successful treatment. Making sure that you are using the correct treatment for the beetle that you have means that you need to correctly identify it. If you need help in identifying what beetle you have then don’t be concerned. We offer a pest ID service and onsite survey so we can advise you on the right treatment method for your beetle pests.



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