Bedbugs are extremely small blood-sucking insects that can hide in cracks and crevices in and around your bed. Attracted by your body heat, they crawl out at night piercing your exposed skin and feed on your blood, you omit carbon dioxide from your breath, it is also this that the bedbugs pick up on and know that you are in a restful state meaning that they can come out to feed.

A female bedbug can lay 1-3 eggs per day, every day! The optimum temperature for maximum activity is 12 degrees and above, any temperature below 12 degrees will make them less active but will not harm them. A few ways to confirm a bed bug infestation is present is to look for blood spots, casings of the insect, nymphs, and actual bed bugs themselves. Places to check for these signs are at the back of your headboard and the foot of your bed, paying close attention to the creases of your mattress and on your bedsheets.

What damage Bedbugs can do?

For some, bedbug bites cause red irritating marks, or even severe skin reactions, while others will have little or no reaction to bites. When feeding they will pierce your skin and inject you with an anaesthetic and then draw your blood. It is the anaesthetic that most people have the reaction to and not the puncture wound itself. Bedbugs can also disturb sleep so it’s of importance that you eradicate the problem before they spread.

How do I get rid of Bedbugs?

If you do find bedbugs then you need to act immediately by calling us, or the problem will only worsen. Self-treatment of an infestation may prove to be unsuccessful because of the difficulty in treating them.

How we effectively remove Bedbugs.

Our treatments consist of four parts. This includes steam, a pesticide spray, powder and also a fumigation. For more information on this please call our office to discuss this.
Aftercare – As part of our ongoing after care service at The Pest Master, having had a treatment you may be concerned about your children or pets being around the poison left behind.

After the 14 day treatment period and when your problem is completely solved we offer an additional service which involves cleaning your carpets, settees and mattresses with our powerful carpet and upholstery cleaner. Not only will it leave your carpets free from the treatment we have used, it shall also leave your home looking fresh and clean.



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