About Ants

In the UK there are 2 main types of ant. They are the garden ant, and the Pharaoh ant.

Black Garden Ant: A renowned nuisance species, known to infest and potentially contaminate food and food related products in your home, work or business.

Pharaoh Ant: Normally found indoors and known to create health and safety hazards. Their nests are located within cavities and fissures, with a nest potential able to exceed hundreds of thousands of ants in size.

An ant’s body is divided into three sections – the head, the thorax and the abdomen. All of these body parts have very narrow waists in between.  Ants have antennae that have an elbow-like joint. Pharaoh’s ants have mouthparts that bite and a set of hooked forewings and a pair of hind wings, although this is not always the case. Workers can be 1.5 – 2mm long and are yellow/brown in colour. Males are longer at 3mm long, black, with wings but don’t fly. Queens are 3.5 – 5mm long, dark red with non-functional wings that once she has mated fall away. The black worker ant is 3.4 – 5mm long, is a dark brown colour whilst the queen is usually 15mm in length and a mid-brown in colour.

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What Damage Can Ants Do?

The black ant won’t damage your home structure, but they can widen cracks already present within your property and they make large unsightly mounds in your lawn. Most of all they spoil food items as they go in search for sweet sugary treats among other things. As they do this they leave behind a pheromone path which the other ants will follow. Before you know it, they’ve infested your cupboards!

The pharaoh ant alike will not cause damage to your home although they can transmit diseases. The bacteria they carry can cause infection and disease.

How To Control Ants?

Ants can be very annoying, running around your house or business, not to mention the flying variety. Ants generally build very large nests underneath the ground. There are several ways of trying to control them. You can buy ant powder and pour it everywhere, but there is a risk in doing this by harming none targeted species and potentially poisoning humans and animals, plus it can look very unsightly. We would definitely not recommend doing it this way and would always advise on contacting a professional.

How We Effectively Remove Ants

Professional grade gel is the best way to try to control the colony, whether we place the gel in bait stations or inject it into strategically placed areas. If you would like more information give our office a call.



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