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There are two main types of ant in the Midlands and the UK. They are the garden ant, and the Pharaoh's ant.

Black Garden Ant:

A renowned nuisance species, know to infest and potentially contaminate food and food related products in your home, work or business.

Pharaoh Ant:

Normally found indoors and know to create health and safety hazards. Their nests are located within cavities and fissures, with a nest potential able to exceed hundreds of thousands of ants in size.

How to get rid of ants

It would be extremely difficult to gain control of the infestation yourself, and a wrongly administered solution can cause the infestation to spread. For an effective treatment, a professional and experienced company must be considered, like the Pest Master. We provide a full and vigorous site surrey allowing us to be able to see the extent and size of the colony so an efficient and effective treatment programme can be selected.


Pest Master offers a professional, effective and affordable bedbug removal service across the Midlands.

Why you may need to control Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small blood-sucking insects that can live in cracks and crevices in and around your bed. Attracted by your body heat and carbon dioxide, they crawl out at night to bite your exposed skin and feed on your blood. For some Bedbug bites cause red, irritating marks, or even severe skin reactions, while others will have little or no reaction to bites. Bedbugs can also disturb sleep and spread diseases, so it's of importance that you eradicate the problem before they spread.

How to get rid of Bedbugs?

If you do find bedbugs then you need to act immediately, or the problem will only worsen. Self-treatment of an infestation will prove to be unsuccessful because of the difficulty in treating them. We would recommend contacting a professional and experienced pest control service such as Pest Master for an effective treatment solution.

In some cases, a Bedbugs infestation can be controlled with one treatment, however, the majority of cases take more than one visit/treatment. The industry standard for the control of Bedbugs is three, however, will try to ensure this takes no more than two, and we will keep the costs down so your treatment is as effective as it is affordable.


Pest Master delivers professional and effective cockroach treatments across the Midlands.

Why you may need to control cockroaches

Cockroaches are now a very common but dangerous pest to have in your home or business. They are known to transfer many diseases and contaminate surfaces. They are rarely seen in the day are usually found in small gaps and crevices in buildings as they come out at night to feed.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are difficult to eradicate without the help of a professional and the use of professional grade products. Due to the public health risks, we wouldn't recommend tackling cockroaches yourself. Pest Master has the knowledge and expertise to identify and control any cockroaches which may have invaded your home or business. We guarantee an effective and affordable treatment, so you can stay safe and pest free.


Pest Master Pest Control delivers professional, effective and affordable flea control treatments across the Midlands.

Why you may need to control fleas

Fleas are not a sign of poor housekeeping and can be found in any type of premises. Usually associated with pet cats and dogs, fleas can be extremely distressing for humans. They can cause irritating bites, and in some cases, are known to spread disease.

How to get rid of fleas

Fleas can be difficult to control and if they aren't dealt with effectively and professionally they can survive and spread at alarming rates. Adult fleas can lay dormant for up to a year without feeding, so it's essential you use a qualified technician to control your flea problems.


Pest Master Pest control offers a professional and effective treatments for Silverfish across the Midlands.

Why you may need to control silverfish

Not normally considered a public health pest, however silverfish can very much be a nuisance pest and cause great distress in homes across the Midlands.

Silverfish are always associated with damp. It could be caused by new plaster drying out, condensation from not having enough ventilation, or a leaking water pipe.

How to get rid of Silverfish

Normally a change in temperature and humidity can help to reduce populations of Silverfish. To completely eradicate Silverfish, you may have to use chemical methods of control. Pest Master Pest Control use a variety of professional sprays in all affected areas to ensure complete control.


Pest Master Pest Control offers a specialist bee control service across the Midlands.

Why you may need to control bees

It is a common misconception that bees are protected and it is illegal to remove them. The fact is that they aren't, and in some circumstances, they need to be controlled. As an environmental and ethically friendly company we would always recommend not to eradicate any bees if they aren't causing a problem. However, we understand this isn't always possible and in some cases bees need to be moved or eradicated if necessary.

How to control bees

We control bees and their nests in a professional, experienced and legal manner. Bee control should always be undertaken by a professional pest controller such as the technicians at Pest Master. We provide an extremely effective and affordable treatment programme. For all your bee and wasp treatments we will try our best to come out and see you same day.


There are various forms of pest beetle that would be damaging your property and causing a health risk.

How to get rid of beetles

Pest Master provides effective and affordable control with all pest Beetles including:

  • Carpet Beetles and Woolly Bears
  • Biscuit Beetles
  • Tobacco/Cigarette Beetles
  • Ground Beetles

And many moreā€¦

Many of these pest beetles can be extremely difficult to control and in most cases require a professional grade product and fully qualified pest control technician to be able to ensure an effective and successful treatment. Pest Master are a local company with fully qualified technicians and experience in all beetle control. If you're not sure what beetle you have then don't worry. We offer a free pest ID service and onsite survey so we can advise you on the right treatment method for your beetle pests.


Pest Master Pest control offers a professional and affordable fly control treatment across the Midlands.

Why you may need to control flies

Flies can be a major pest around the home, especially when they reach large numbers. There are thousands of different species of flies, the most common being the Common House Fly, Blow Flies, Cluster Flies and Mosquitoes. All these species of fly are associated with transmitting diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery, Tuberculosis and Cholera. Some flies such as Mosquitoes can also be a huge issue as their bites can be distressing and painful

How to get rid of flies

Pest Master Pest Control technicians fully understand each fly species, allowing them to administer the most appropriate treatment to get rid of flies in your home effectively. They can also advise you on how to keep flies and other pests away from your home or business. There are thousands of different species of flies but the most common fly problems are caused by the Common House Fly, Blow Flies, Cluster Flies and Mosquitoes.


Pest Master Pest control provides professional, cheap and effective moth control treatments across the Midlands.

Why you may need to control moths

There are many types of moth in the UK, but there are only a few that can cause damage to domestic items such as carpets, textiles and wool products. Most of the damage is actually caused by the feeding larvae and not the adult moths. If an infestation is not treated, a moth infestation can cause severe damage.

How to get rid of moths

To gain control of a moth infestation, this is usually done by treating the adults and larvae with professional grade pest control products. We also use some traps to prevent an infestation or a current one from growing. Pest Master Pest Control are experts in moth control in a domestic environment and offer professional and cheap moth control services across the Midlands.

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