Pest Control Technology

Night Vision Motion Sensor Camera

These cameras are used for many different things. Firstly, to prove or disprove there is a rodent issue if there are no obvious signs. Secondly, they help us with rodent identification. Thirdly in some cases it helps us to learn where the rodents are coming from.

Wedge Alert System

The Wedge alert system is designed to be used whilst trapping, whether this be rat, mouse or squirrel traps. Once a trap that is set and wired up to the alert system has been activated, within seconds we will be sent a text message alerting us that a trap has gone off. Rather than going around daily to check the traps, which costs time and money, we can simply wait for the alert system to inform us, ultimately saving you time and money. This system can only be used with traps and not poison.

Tracking Gel

Tracking gel is a very important piece of kit when dealing with rodents. If we are struggling to find the route that a rodent may be taking we can simply apply the gel in selected areas and when looked at under UV light the gel is illuminous, giving us a very good chance of finding the entry/exit point if it is not so obvious.

One Way Drain Valves

This one way valve is worth its weight in gold. When dealing with a rat infestation, if they are gaining entry through a broken drainage system these valves can be fitted in most manholes. They are very cost effective when compared to having a camera survey carried out and then the drain repaired, which in some cases can run in to thousands of pounds!

The AR8

The AR8 is used for powder applications when dealing with wasps that are in a high up place, like flats or three storey buildings where ladders won’t quite do the trick as it has an impressive 8 metre reach. It is a lot safer to use whilst being stood on the ground and cuts out expensive scaffolding and lift equipment.

The Goodnature Squirrel Trap

This device is used outdoors and indoors where there is a heavy squirrel population. It can be placed on a tree or a fence where squirrel activity has been identified. It has a mechanism that is able to reset itself 18 times. This device is extremely quick and there is no poison used, so this is ideal to be used in sensitive areas where people may have other animals.

The RugDoctor

As part of our ongoing after care service at The Pest Master, having had a rodent, flea or bedbug treatment you may be concerned about your children or pets being around the poison left behind or rodent urine and faeces. After the treatment period has ended and when your problem is completely solved we offer an additional service which involves cleaning your carpets, settees and mattresses with this powerful cleaner. Not only will it leave your carpets free from the treatment we have used or rodent urine free, it shall also leave your home looking fresh and clean

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