News reports covering the novel Coronavirus outbreak serve as a reminder about the importance of effective disinfection procedures. Regarding available disinfection options there are a variety of disinfectant surface sprays, and ULV disinfectants, suitable for use against a wide range of viruses and bacteria.

Dealing with Coronavirus (WN-CoV) in the UK

Disinfection procedures are recommended by the WHO and Public Health England and advice should be taken from the Chief Medical Officer of the country in question (England, Scotland or Wales). Government advice is available here.

With Wuhan novel coronavirus (WN-CoV) having been confirmed, in the UK, professionals and the public are reminded that cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces is good practice in many aspects of public health.

Cleaning & Environment Disinfecting 

The Pest Master provides a range of broad-spectrum virucidal disinfectants. The PX-range of disinfectants that we use has inferred efficacy against coronaviruses due to proven efficacy against Caliciviridae and Vaccinia virus, the laboratory surrogate strain for enveloped virus claims (Coronavirus is an enveloped virus). A treatment will kill the virus that may exist on a surface but it is of course possible for re-contamination at a later time and therefore any treatment can be in isolation or as part of a wider protective service.

Disinfecting for norovirus, food poisoning organisms and hospital-associated bacteria

The Pest Master’s range of PX disinfectants are suitable for dealing with norovirus (winter vomiting bug), food poisoning organisms such as E. coli and antibiotic-resistant bacteria MRSA in a wide variety of premises.

Here at The Pest Master we have all of the expert equipment needed to deliver a disinfectant treatment to your home or business, this is largely done using a ULV ‘air’ treatment.

This is one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of COVID-19 amongst many other viruses and bacteria. This process allows for a space to be subjected to an application that converts specialist disinfectant liquids into micro-fine droplets that fill a void, disinfecting a greater surface area and improving the protection to the community within.

The treatment allows large spaces to be treated in minutes using airflow which will maximise exposure.  Spaces that are treated need to be vacated for an hour and a half and no residual smell will be left so treatment can be managed to minimise disruption.

Where you have large numbers of staff and employees, whether you are a school, a restaurant, a warehouse, industrial unit, factory, shop or library, pretty much anywhere where numbers of people are gathering you will have an increased risk of people becoming infected.

Let us help you to reduce the risk and help keep people safer. To book or for more advice give us a call or send an email.

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