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Pest Control Management

We all know that running a business can be hard and stressful at times. When a pest issue occurs, it can make things a hundred times worse. Having a professional company working alongside you can take the pressure away completely, knowing that we are only a phone call away from managing your pest problem.

The Pest Master is proud to be one of the leading Pest Control companies around protecting our customers for many years! We offer simple straight forward commercial agreements. All of our agreements are tailor made to your specific business as every business is unique. Whatever your commercial business is we will be able to offer you a pest management service to suit your requirements.

Prevention is better than the cure! A very important part of pest management is preventative pest control, which would start with pest proofing your building if required and then monitoring the site for rodent or insect activity. Give a member of our team a call to book an inspection and see what your local expert can offer.

Why should having a pest control contract be important to you and your business?

Pests can damage your property, reputation and ultimately your business. There was recently a company based in the UK that was fined £25,000 for rodent activity and poor hygiene. They were splashed all over the news and you could say that their business reputation is now ruined. You cannot afford to risk exposing your business to negative press, disease or prosecution. Upset customers and sometimes staff often share their photos and opinions on social media regarding bad experiences which in some cases can be extremely damaging to your business.

Having a commercial pest agreement in place can help remove the danger of unwanted pests in your business. If you do not deal with a pest infestation – it can lead to environmental health imposed fines, closure and in extreme cases, imprisonment. All of your staff and customers have a legal right to work and frequent in a pest free environment as pests carry all sorts of diseases and pathogens.

The Pest Master provides a consultation and survey of your premises before we even quote for the agreement as its essential we discuss in detail how The Pest Master can help you and your business, also consulting with you on what you feel is important for your business too. 

Our commercial pest control contracts are cost effective and offer total peace of mind, protect your business today with an affordable pest control agreement.

The Benefits

The benefits of a pest control agreement with The Pest Master are extensive. You shall have peace of mind knowing that you have us working alongside you to tackle any issues as they arise. When you have a commercial agreement with us you are always made a priority in response and we will always go above and beyond to take care of the issue as swiftly and as cost effectively as possible. We only use the finest cutting edge technology, including tracking dust and gel, drain tracing dyes, motion sensor night vision cameras and trap alert systems which sends a message to us each time a trap is triggered!

As part of our agreements it is set out exactly what your agreement will cover you for and when you can expect our visits. You will be issued with a folder that will be kept onsite which would have inside a copy of your agreement, an initial risk assessment, a section for each report you will receive after attendance and at the back a section for product safety data sheets for any poisons that may be left on site. The majority of our paperwork is sent via email so that you can print and place in your folder, meaning that you receive all reports swiftly.

All of our waste/spent poison is disposed of through a professional waste scheme. We are fully insured and we are fully qualified. Our owner has been in the pest control industry for over 25 years meaning we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

If you would like to discuss this further why not give our office a call on 07583 124215 and speak to a member of our team regarding booking yourself an appointment.

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